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Milestone’s premiere auction includes many unusual and rare items among the 611 offered. The sale is being held Oct 23rd and among the more desirable lots offered is a model 1860 Henry rifle. Also in the sale is a Colt 1905 45 automatic pistol, pictured, and several scarce 1911’s including a Remington UMC 1911 and a 1917 dated Colt 1911 NRA pistol, one of less than 200 examples.

Among the other guns in the sale are a presentation Volcanic pistol, a US model 1817 Springfield martial pistol and an experimental Winchester model 70 rifle in  243 Winchester serial #1. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Landshuter Rüstkammer will be offering 1400 lots of antique arms and armor, orders and decorations on September 17th/ & 18th. The sale includes early pistols such as the highly decorated  Nuremberg wheellock puffer C1580 pictured, and a pair of cased flintlock dueling pistols by Thomas Mortimer.
A highlight of the armour offered is a closed helmet in Maximilian form C. 1515 that has a starting bid of 12,000 euros. The sale also includes suits of armour, numerous other helmets, shields and elements of armour.

High quality oriental and Asian daggers from a private collection as well as firangi, kilic, tulwar, & shamshir are also offered in the sale. A fine Kard with scabbard and gold inlaid inscription is among the daggers crossing the block. In the second part of the sale there is a large range of German, Austrian and international medals, decorations and militaria 1750-1945, among them a Grand Cross for Princes Saxony and a Prussian generals helmet C 1900. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Rock Island’s premiere three day sale starting September 10th  includes many superb lots with A “One of One Hundred” Winchester 1876 leading the sale with an estimate of $250,00-$275,000. Other highly estimated guns include a pair of Gustave Young engraved Colt Single Action Armys and a pair of Gastinne-Renette Crystal Palace Exhibition dueling pistols. Another rare and highly unusual lot is the walrus ivory stocked Ottoman miquelet musket pictured. This is one a group of guns, one of which is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, thought to have been used by the bodyguard of Ottoman emperor Al Ahmid I.  Sotheby’s sold a similar  gun in 2015 for 77,500 GBP. Also in the sale is a Colt US Navy Gatling gun, A Rigby Sidelock rifle in .577 N.E. and a cased Colt Patterson N0 # 3

Among the edged weapons in the sale is an NBTHK “Especially Precious” ranked Diasho set, several civil war and Napoleonic presentation swords and pinfire combination sword revolver. The sale has a wide range  fine martial and civilian longarms and pistols from the US and around the world as well as daggers, elements of armour and accoutrements. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Sofe Designs sale of August 28th is comprised of a wide range of collectible antique arms and amour from all over the world.  One of the leading lots is a pair of Chercheska uniforms pictured. They are accompanied by  nielloed belts, fine kinjals, gaziri cartridge holders and a child’s shaska.  Among the edged weapons offered in the sale are many fine examples of Japanese  swords including a Daisho set, several fine shamshirs, fine kinjals, English swords from the US revolutionary period, a highly unusual early European rapier and a bolo sword bearing a presentation inscription to Edward VIII.

Guns in the sale include a massive French percussion breechloading rampart gun, a Colt baby dragoon, an English blunderbuss with spring bayonet by Archer, and a pair of middle eastern howdah pistols with silver decoration. Crossbows, powder flasks, daggers and armour are also found in the sale. Click on the image for a link to the catalog.


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Kramer Auctions next sale of August 6th Includes a wide range of fine sporting shotguns. Among the offerings are collectible Ithaca doubles, a Winchester model 21 grand American, a20 GA LC Smith Ideal grade featherweight, and AYA sporting 20 GA game gun and a prewar Winchester model 12 black diamond grade trap gun.  The sale also includes fine collector pistols such as the Colt 1902 pictured as well as a S&W 357 in its original box from 1936.
Among the fine rifles in the sale are a rare Winchester 30-06 1895 musket and a model 1886 take down rifle in 45-70. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Anthony Cribbs sale of the 20th includes a food selection of Georgian presentation swords. A variety of volunteer infantry and cavalry sword examples include one presented by the Ayr and Kilmarnock Volunteer Riflemen to their colonel in 1804, another by the Peterhead Corps of Volunteer Infantry in the same year and a Madras artillery example presented in 1810. Several fine blue and gilt cavalry sabres are also offered. Among the earlier edged weapons is the very attractive Italian 16th C rapier pictured, this example is mounted with a flattened pierced blade and the hilt is decorated with silver busts.
A wide selection of antique firearms will be sold including two examples of Rigby target rifles as well as a cased pair of dueling pistols by Wilson London and a flintlock pair of blunderbuss pistols by Heylin, A good selection of Mughal & Persian swords will be sold in addition to  Japanese and Ottoman arms.  Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Sofe Designs’ next sale of the 26th Includes the sale includes this fine German presentation sword given to Prince Friedrich of Hessen by the officer of the Holsteinischen Infantry regiments. There are several fine lots with German or Austrian associations a including finely inlaid pair of wheellock pistols, a wheellock rifle and a highly unusual combination matchlock wheellock.
Edged weapons in the sale include a Glasgow school Scottish broadsword, one of several Scottish swords and dirks, a good Polish hussar saber and a fine Ottoman/Serbian Shamshir. The sale also includes Persian and Mughal arms as well as Russian, English, French and American collectible arms. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Czerny’s next sale is June 25th and includes many spectacular lots such as the cased set of arms pictured. I was given by Queens Isabelle II to Marquis Louis De Turgot in 1854. The highest Estimate is for the superb Consulate period pair of dueling pistol by Boutet at 35-45.000 Euro.  The sale also includes several fine sets of armour, beautifully inlaid wheellock rifles, a rare pair of Berselli repeating flintlock pistols and a wide selection of other firearms, swords and edged weapons from around the world.
Czernys are holding a sperate sale on the 24th with a catalog dedicated to rare weapons of the Malay Archipelago. This sale includes arms from the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia a collecting area of growing interest and scholarship. Click on the image for a link to the sales.

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