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blog image The superb Europeans hunting trousse dating to the second quarter of the 18th century if one of the more decorative lots being offered by Thomas Del Mar on June 30th. The sale is comprised of a wide variety of arms and armour from all ages and periods, many lots having good provenance. Included in the sale are is a selection of armour and defensive elements, Papal Guard and German black and white examples among them as well as French British and German helmets from the early 16th century onwards. May fine pole arms will be crossing the block. Among the swords offered are presentation examples, silver hilts, rapiers and an early katzbalger.

Included in the firearms are a fine cased pair of Adams revolver finished in gilt as well as a pair of cased dueling pistols by Egan, Bradford, a cased .451 rifle by Alexander Henry, Edinburgh and several rare French pinfire military carbines with sword bayonets. There is a wide selection of fine Model cannon in the sale as well as Japanese,, Indian and indo-persian swords and a very unusual highly carved  Chinese matchlock gun.

click on the image for a lin kto the sale.