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A WWII flight jacket is one of several being offered in Donley tow day sale. The catalog includes a wide range of great WWII colletcibles and rarley encountered lots. Among the rare lots are a John 1941 rifle with bayonet, a cased Enfield no$ sniper,  a WWII US paratrooper jacket, and a Mauser G41.

Also offered is a large range of WWII display guns and Japanese swords and fighting knives. Click on the image for a link to the sale. 


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Antique military arms in the sale include matchlocks, wheellocks, flintlock and percussion arms.  Among the most desirable lots is the Saxon military Wheelock pistol from the armoury of Augustus Elector 1553-1586, pictured 

Also included in the military guns are a range of 20th century handguns and long guns among them several late 20th C. military and police sniper and target rifles. Several civilian wheellock pistols will be sold including a matched pair and an very attractive ivory stocked puffer, Augsburg or Dresden, circa 1580. Also in the selection of pistols are cased sets, Viennese and German, as well as a fine Wender double flintlock rifle.

A section of early armour includes pauldrons, gauntlets, morions, cabasetts and north European close helmet C.  1600.  An attractive north Italian articulated breastplate and shield C 1580 will be sold also. Among the ended weapons are a Polish karabela, early polearms, smallswords, rapiers, a saxon miners parade axe, A Hungarian magnates saber, a very rare Italian “eared” dagger circa 1480, a schiavona, a Storta and several maces and war hammers.

German orders and militaria wrap up the sale with a selection of flags also being sold . A watercolor by Adolf Hitler with provenance is being sold among the20th century military and historical ephemera.


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With almost 1000 lots  Swiss Auction Center’s next weapons auction on September 23rd will be of interest to collectors.

Among the highlights in the sale is are a large parabellum collection, with extremely rare items such as a the pictured Swiss Ordnance Parabellum Mod. 1900 "A" series, with the serial number # 5002A  making this the second to have been produced in a small series of only 100 pieces. In addition, another very rare early first variant Swiss Parabellum eidg. Ord. Mod. 1900, without milling for the flat magazine guide button will be sold.  Both guns are in excellent condition! There is also a large selection of modern shotguns, antique weapons, armour and militaria all at reasonable start prices bids.

More information, the online catalogue and photos can be found on their website: www.swiss-auction-center.ch.  For online bidding you can go to Swiss Auction Centers portal at Live Auctioneers, here


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Auktionsverk Stockholm are holding an online auction over the course of this week. It ends on Sept. 24th One of the top longarm lots is the Colt Mod 1855 revolving rifle pictured. Other longarms in the sale include a porter turret rifle, a Wilson London flintlock sporting gun and a good German wheelock rifle. Russian arms include  pair of military Cossack pistols.

Among the pistols offered several cased sets by Westley Richards, Probin and Nock. A four barreled flintlock revolver by Bass , London is also crossing the block as are several unique Swedish patent pistols, a fine Colt 1860 Army, a cased Wesson and Leavitt  and a military wheellock.

There are good edged weapons in the sale, among them a jeweled shamshir, a silver mounted saif, several yataghan, a very attractive Turkish dagger, a Swedish rapier circa 1600 and a  Scottish dirk. Unusual Items in the sale include, dagger and knife pistols, a cased aircane, crossbows and stonebows. There are just under four hundred lots  with a range of estimates to suit all collectors.


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A Gustave young engraved Colt Dragoon September 3rd Model is one of the leading lots In Burley’s upcoming sale. There are many rare and engraved Colt firearms, Colt Single Actions, 1911s, and 1903s,  A gun from Barrow gang that was on display at the NRA and Texas Ranger museums is also offered as is  Al Capone's Spanish Pocket Pistol. A lifetime collection of over 250 vintage Ruger firearms with 200 of them in their original boxes will also be crossing the block.