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Sofe Designs’ Winter Arms & Antiques sale takes place on Nov 7th. Pictured is a rare and fine Greek silver mounted sword, one of the highlights of the sale. Other Eastern edged weapons in the sale include Ottoman, Persian and Syrian shamshirs as well as a good kilij. Among the European swords in the sale are early rapiers, French 19th C. Cavalry swords and rare Russian and Hungarian sabers.
Several good American examples are also offered including a presentation artillery example with silver hilt and a mameluke marine sword from the Norm Flayderman collection. Other swords include  an unusual Filipin Sanduko sword present to a US doctor in 1901.

Among the antique guns in the sale is a Mughal rifle with chiseled barrel as well as pairs of flintlock and percussion pistols.  Napoleonic German and Spanish examples are included. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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A Winchester model 1855 carbine is one of the leading lots in Kramer’s sale of October 23rd. The sale includes superb sporting guns and well as antique and collectible military and civilian firearms. Other Winchester include a special order model 1873 and an 1876 40-60 rifle.
Among the sporting lots in the sale are a Fox model JE single barrel trap, a Belgian browning light 20 A5 and a Rizzini BR320 trap gun. Collectible handguns offered include a, one of 500, High Standard 45 Colt revolver, A pre-27 engraved S&W 357 and a Colt Whitetailer 357. Click on the image for a link to the sale